Our Studio Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Monday – Thursday 
$400 – 5-hour 

Friday – Sunday
$550 – 5-Hour

Hours included set up and clean up time.

All events must end by 11 pm, including cleaning.

XPY Members get $50 off Fees

Educational Facilities (Teaching)
Fraternal Organization (Meetings)
Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
Religious Assembly
Safety Services
Business and Professional
Consumer Goods
Food, Beverages, and Groceries
Wearing Apparel and Accessories
Business Support
Sit Down Restaurant
Financial Services
Personal Services
Radio, Television, and Recording Services
Commissaries and Catering Services


  • 10 60″ Round Tables
  • 10 6′ Long Tables
  • 5   3′ Top Table Tables


  • 80 Chairs

Sound System

  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • DJ Booth


  • Uplights



  • Free Wifi

Leave the place like or better than you found it; inside and outside.

Nothing sticking or hanging on the wall or ceiling

No damages to the anything

Nothing broken

No balloon leftovers inside or outside of the building

Donot touch anything you have not paid for.

Put back any table and/or chair used (Unless requested for XPY Staff to setup/beakdown for you – $100 Fee)

Place trash behind back door.

*We are not responsible for anything left behind

We have our own audio system no need to bring anything more than your controller and laptop. If you decide to bring your own speakers, no subs.

Do not hang anything on the walls.

Supervise all children at all times.

No weed smoking inside or outside the building

No balloon left overs inside or outside of the building

No alcoholic drinks outside of the building

Do not change any of the settings on any of the equipment



  • Love Seat – $150
  • Seat – $100

Fog Machine Usage

  • Ground Fog $45 Per Bottle
  • Haze Fog $40 Per Bottle

Table Clothes ($100 Cleaning Fee)

  • Spandex  
  • Black and/or White

Chair Covers ($100 Cleaning Fee)

  • Spandex
  • Black and/or White

TV Monitors – $49.99 each (2 max)

Short Throw Projector – $99.99

In-house Audio\Video Tech – $75/hr

In-house Sound Mixer for Stage – $75/hr

Event Multicam Live stream Services Available

Microphones $25 Each (2)

*if bringing in an outside tech, they must display knowledge of equipment usage before the day of the event. Any damages to any equipment will fall under the responsibility of the renter to pay.

1/3 Deposit and a signed contract secure your date. The final payment is due a week prior to your usage date. Deposits are not refundable or date transferable.

When booking less than 2 weeks prior to the usage date, full payment at the signing of the contract.

There is a $99 Damage/Clean-up Deposit included in your balance. This deposit will be returned if there is no damage to the venue, the venue is vacated at the stipulated time, the venue is clean, and the contract has not been violated. If damages are more than the $99 deposit, Renter is responsible for the repair cost

Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit. If Check, payment must be made 14 days before the event.

If the full balance is not paid before the start of the usage, with checks, 14 days before the usage, the renters will not be allowed to use the space.

Alcohol may not be SOLD

No alcohol is to be consumed outside of the venue.

No smoking in or around the venue. (Includes Weed)

No Hard Liquors 

We care deeply about our neighbors and the surrounding community. We ask that the music is kept at a respectable level and that people attending your event do not hang out outside of the building in the front and/or back. 

XPY Space Usage

Available Rental Times:

Friday: All Day, Saturday: After 3:30PM, Sunday: All Day

Usage Includes Bathrooms & Kitchen