Music Program

Vocal Classes

Even if kids have been singing since infancy, vocal
training can be frustrating. That’s why our program makes music classes for kids fun!
Aspiring vocal artists ages 8-18 start their music education in our group lessons. The program includes a 1 hour of group voice lesson with the option to add 30-minute private lessons, which helps students apply what they’re learning. Our expert instructors teach basic vocal training, including warm ups, microphone technique and the melody, lyrics and structure of real popular current songs as well as songs from various genres to prepare kids for the stage. Our program focuses on developing the following skills:

 Learning the basics of technique and music theory
 Understanding the dynamic of singing in a group
 A weekly private music lesson ($30 per session)
 A weekly group lesson

Piano Lessons

Our private piano lessons are for those who have little to no experience as well as those who have years of experience. Novice students will learn how to read music, find notes on the piano and other essentials so they can begin playing actual pieces. More advance students will work on fluidity and progress on skills already acquired.